i was in the flight just now. a night flight. at approximately 7:35pm the cabin crew switched off the cabin's light while i was reading. i refused to switch on the reading light for i dont want to bother the sweet and polite lady next to me. i think she was sleeping the whole journey except when the crew offered her on whether to have an orange juice or a soy milk. both my ears were not okay - i swallowed my saliva hard and my insides of my ears popped. i was starting to feel nauseous again. i was always not good with any modes of transportation - be it on land, on air, on waters. i had a very bad motion sickness. thats why i relied on reading to help me with it. i missed the sunset view, but the night sky was so clear. there were a lot of stars that i mistook them for other aircrafts.

the craft landed safely. that was what my whole point is. 

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