my friends are getting married with some of them are engaged. the feeling of the need to get married is such a burden for me. it's not like i dont want to get married or anything - i do want to get married. i do want to have my own family. i have my own fantasy of my dream wedding. but as i grow older each year i will always get the question "bila nak kahwin?". i started having those questions since i was 18 so the pressure is building up. 

my views on getting married in your early twenties are more on the bad side  than the good side. well of course it's a good deed to get married - it's a sunnah some more, but with the hormones still ranging and the boiling blood (lol) i dont think it's wise to get married early. i have my own dreams and goals and it still has a long way to go. 

plus, who wants to marry me?

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