Hingga Akhir Waktu by Nineball

it was a very beautiful day. you took me a ride in your dad's old van. that place was breath-taking. it was beyond beautiful. as you put it, "the literal heaven on earth". the clouds were like marshmallows. the skies were azure. and the road we rode on in between the green paddy fields was almost like painting. i switched off the a/c and rolled down the window. i took out my hand and felt the wind against us on my palm.

you were singing our favorite song, singing along to the radio. i looked at you and you smiled at me. and as you mouthed the lyrics you looked at me again, meaning each and every word that you said. you took my right hand and squeezed it, like you were scared that i was letting go. but i wasn't. and i will not. not in that moment, where there were no words for me to write how wonderful it felt.

the road ahead of us were winding yet it looked like it still has a long way to go. i was thinking when we reached our home later, will you still sing me our song and squeeze my hand firmly? i was still smiling at you, and i prayed hard in my head that the road will never end and that we would not need to get out of this van.

today, as i rode on my own car on this road, the radio played our song. i looked on my left and see myself four years ago when each and every word of the lyric to our song you sang for me with such emotion that i need no questioning. the road did end. we reached our home. but today when i get home later, i'll get back to my own.

12th February, 2015. Padang, Indonesia.

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