i just went for a solo adventure at Zoo Negara. walked in the rain for 3 hours because i need to complete this to-do list shit before 2015 enters next two days. what let me down were how expensive a kid umbrella is (RM20) (panda-motive - is it bcs it has panda ear flaps..?) and the fact that today was raining. and how i really wanted to go to the zoo with Iman but in the end i came alone. 

i made memories in 2014 - good and bad. but all in all 2014 is such a shitty year. i'm moving on. 

1) be stronger
2) be more independent
3) get car license
4) solo trip to Padang on February
5) tour trip to Singapore (hunt for Honey Creme) on March
6) be prettier so Iman will be sorry for his ass
7) maybe China / Japan / Korea / Australia solo trip?
8) go to more concerts
9) be healthier
10) get married?

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